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Small Company Accounts Package

We currently offer a pay-monthly accounts package which is ideal for small companies; for just £60 per month we will assist your company throughout the year, providing payroll services, tax structuring advice and completion of your year end accounts.

Please contact us to find out more about this offer.

Our services to limited companies include forming and structuring your limited company, advising on the complex tax and accounting issues surrounding companies, and assisting when companies encounter difficulties and may need to be restructured or liquidated.

Limited companies in the United Kingdom must comply with strict accounting regulations and practices; accounts must be prepared in the correct format each year and the directors have a responsibility to ensure that the company meets its obligations throughout the financial year.

We provide support to a diverse range of companies in the UK and overseas, ranging from small single person companies such as IT contractors, to larger companies with many employees.

Whether you already have a company or are thinking about becoming incorporated, please contact us to find out about the flexible company services we offer.

We Specialise in small business help for new companies and offer every support for the small businesses including small business accounting, small business advice, starting a small business, small business consulting.